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Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oil

100ml Ducale
100ml Ducale
200ml Oval
200ml Ducale
200ml Square
250ml Stacker Section



This unusual oil is a vibrant emerald green that has a strong earthy, woody, smoky taste. We affectionately call it our 'love it or hate it' oil.  It is cholesterol free and low in saturated fats and is also a natural source of vitamins A, D and E.

Due to its wonderful colour and texture it is perfect for drizzling over salads or round the edges of plates to give a high class finish to a dish. It also has the highest smoke point of any extra virgin oil so is equally versatile for use in roasting, stir frying, or barbecuing.

Info & Care

Please store away from direct sunshine and heat.  Once opened ensure that stopper replaced after each serving.



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