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  1. What is your standard delivery time?
    • We aim to deliver within 4 working day, a next day service is available for orders placed before noon.
  2. I have received my oil and it is cloudy / solid, is something wrong?
    • The oil is just cold, each oil will set at a different temperature, once it has been brought back to room temperature the oil will clear with no change in flavour.
  3. How do I get the cork out of the bottle?
    • Most of our bottles use natural cork, therefore care must be taken when removing the cork, the best way is to score round the wax seal and then gently twist out the cork.  If it feels like it may break or does break, please use a corkscrew to extract.
  4. The item that I have received is damaged
    • Unfortunately accidents happen, please report the item as damaged within 48hrs, emailing us a photo and we will endeavour to remedy the situation.
  5. Is it possible to collect my order?
    • Yes collection is welcomed, we do require a minimum of 1 days notice to ensure that your order has been bottled, all items will be left in the farm shop.
  6. Can I submit my favourite recipe?
    • Of course, all recipes gratefully received, and every month we will publish the best / most unique
  7. I have still not received my item
    • Please check our delivery confirmation email, and if the date has passed please contact us so that we can track it for you.
  8. When I place items in my basket, they do not appear?
    • Please check that cookies are enabled as this allows the basket to remember what has been placed into it.