About us

We are an independent family business based in Beenham, Berkshire specialising in fine oils and vinegars. Our aim is to supply the best products from England and further afield for your enjoyment. These oils and vinegars not only taste great on their own, but will enhance any dish you choose to create, and the associated health benefits from these products will keep you healthier as well.

All of our oils and vinegars come in a range of high quality Italian glass bottles that would look elegant in any kitchen or dining room or wrapped up as a gift. We also sell ½ litre,1 litre and 5 litre refills of all our fabulous oils and vinegars allowing you to reuse our glass bottles thus helping to preserve the environment.

When selecting our oils or vinegars we follow a strict criteria, this obviously involves the taste, but the production method, originality, producers passion and heritage are equally important.

This is why when you find us at your local country show or food festival we are all about the tastings. We love getting peoples reactions to the various tastes and then explaining how they can be used.

Meet the team

Jonathan Drury

Jonathan founded the company in 2010 having grown frustrated with the lack of quality oils and vinegars available in the UK.

He therefore set out to select a range of fine oils and vinegars, which would delight the palate and make us explore the fantastic flavours that individual oils and vinegars offer.

Having studied at The Royal Agricultural College and attended a few cookery course over the past years, he understand aspects ranging from the growing of the crops, how important the production methods are, and finally how fantastic flavours can revolutionise the dishes being created.

William Alldis

William also studied at The Royal Agricultural College, and since then has been involved in a wide number of food related adventures, with the most current being the creation of ‘The Shotgun Chef’ In this current role he will be designing an exciting range of recipes to suit our range of oils and vinegars which we hope you will enjoy as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Sarah Drury

Sarah is Jonathan’s long suffering mother who can frequently be seen representing the company at food shows around the country. Until recently she ran a cookery company and as a result is one of our key tasters when it comes to adding new products.

Isabel Alldis

Isabel is William’s mother and she owns the farm where it all started, she is a source of knowledge for all things agricultural and makes an awesome chilli and apple jelly. Over the past 12 years she has been a great sounding block for our ideas and a great taster of our products.


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